E.P. Griffin International
PO Box F-42578
Chancery House The mall
Freeport, Grand Bahama
The Bahamas

Phone: 41 (22) 534 98 96


E.P. Griffin is an international company with a long history of expertise in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields.  Formerly Elanex Pharma Group, E.P. Griffin has built a successful corporate presence on the commercialization of biotechnology pharmaceutical products. Founded in 1984 E.P. Griffin was one of the first companies to successfully develop and market a biotechnology pharmaceutical product. Under the former name of Elanex Pharma Group,  E.P. Griffin successfully developed and marketed Epoetin Omega a erythropoetin product designed to treat anemia associated illnesses.  

In 2001 Elanex Pharma Group entered into an agreement with Baxter Pharmaceutical International.  Under this agreement Baxter acquired the world wide rights of Elanex’s EPO technology. After completing this transaction the Elanex family of companies continues on under the name E.P. Griffin International. In this new chapter in the company’s history E.P. Griffin is expanding into new directions in the biotech and pharmaceutical fields. Drawing on over 15 years experience in biotechnology, E.P. Griffin has formed four new areas of operations.  These four new areas consist of Pharmaceutical  Licensing, Venture Capital Financing, Pharmaceutical Consulting, and Charitable Foundations.  As E.P. Griffin continues forward into the next millennium the company is committed and focused to commercializing the technologies of tomorrow.